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Charles A Pennison

My name is Charles A. Pennison. I’m a copywriter, and owner of the copywriting service Copywriter Marketing Strategies.

I have been writing health and fitness related articles for over 3 years now. My desire to research and write about health and fitness results from my personal quest to avoid heart and prostate health problems for as long as possible. These are the two health areas of concern for our family.

By creating Scanheadlines.com, I am able to share with you recent advances in our understanding of how to stay fit and trim as we age. To share with you our increased understanding how diet and exercise can be a more powerful drug than any man-made pharmaceutical. And it comes without the side effects of pharmaceuticals.

I hope that you find the information in Scanheadlines.com informative and beneficial.

Thank you for visiting Scanheadlines.com.

Charles A. Pennison

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