Mar 052014

You can improve your brain function with a reduction of belly fat, and you can reduce your belly fat by replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats, according to two new studies.

Belly, visceral, fat is associated with increased risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Now researchers at the Georgia Regents University say that visceral fat also leads to destruction of the communication links between brain cells. And your brain function capability decreases as the connections or synapses between your brain cells decrease.

Apparently, your immune system considers belly fat a chronic invader that must be attacked. A large amount of belly fat keeps inflammation high, and allows the proteins that regulate inflammation to enter your brain. Once in your brain, these immune response protein regulators allow disease destroying cells, microglia, to start destroying the synapses between your brain cells. With less synapses comes less brain function capabilities.

This is why a large amount of belly fat triples your risks of “mild cognitive impairment as well as Alzheimer’s.”

The researchers stress that a reduction in belly fat responds well to aerobic exercise. And exercise is the best strategy for reducing your visceral or abdominal fat.

A second research report states that the type of fat you eat influences that amount of belly fat you develop.

Saturated fat leads to less muscle mass and more belly fat, compared to consumption of unsaturated fats, say researchers at Sweden’s Uppsala University.

The researchers used palm oil as the saturated fat, and sunflower oil as the polyunsaturated fat in their study of 39 men and women. The group of participants eating the saturated fat experienced a substantial increase in liver and abdominal fat, and a reduction in muscle mass. This is in comparison to the group who ate the unsaturated fat.

It appears that saturated fats “turn on” our genes that increase development of visceral or belly fat. And unsaturated fats “turn on” our genes that reduce storage of belly fat and increase sugar metabolism.

New research indicates belly fat decreases our brain function by the destruction of synapses between our brain cells. We can improve our cognitive abilities by reducing the amount of belly fat. This is a result of the reduction in body wide inflammation caused by the visceral fat. And we can reduce our belly fat with aerobic exercise and diet. Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats in our diet reduces the amount of belly fat, and increases our metabolism of blood sugar.

Get rid of your belly fat, and increase your brain’s capabilities. And you can get rid of that belly fat with aerobic exercise and unsaturated fats in your diet. So, stop eating all that red meat, butter and palm oil, and start eating more unsaturated plant oils and cold water fatty fish, like salmon, sardines, Herring and tuna.