Dec 262017

Doctors keep trying to prescribe statins to reduce my blood cholesterols levels. However, I refuse to take this drug for many reasons, but mostly because of their side effects. Like many, I research ways to reduce cholesterols levels with natural methods.

That’s how I came across the book, “Cholesterol Down,” by Janet Bond Brill, Ph.D. She describes how she has succeeded in reducing cholesterol levels with her clients using her version of the Portfolio Diet. Her method includes foods that reduce cholesterol levels, exercise and the use of plant sterols and stanols.

You can include plant sterols and stanols in your diet using vegetable spreads like Benecol and Promise Activ. But to get closer to the recommended 2,000 mg of stanols and sterols, I decided to use the supplement CholestOff Plus by Nature Made. I chose Nature Made because they’re a company that uses third party labs to ensure quality of their products.

After a week of using CholestOff, I noticed that I was urinating much easier than what had become normal. I didn’t have to struggle to urinate, and my urination flow was stronger.

I don’t believe that my improvement in urination flow is a placebo effect, because I didn’t know about the association between plant sterols and stanols, and enlarged prostates. I simply started putting more sterols and stanols in my diet, and noticed that my enlarged prostate symptoms decreased.

Are plant sterols and stanols alone responsible for my urination flow improvement? Well, maybe not.

An article written by Dr. Neil D. Barnard, M.D. titled “Nutrition and Prostate Health,” states that frequent milk consumption can double the risk of developing an enlarged prostate. When I started increasing my sterol and stanol consumption, I also switched from dairy milk to soy milk. So my prostate health improvement may be a combination of the two changes in my diet. Dr. Barnard also states that meat consumption can triple the risks, and not eating vegetables often can quadruple the risk of an enlarged prostate.

Even though research suggests that plant sterols and stanols improve enlarge prostate symptoms, the research doesn’t say how it works. For the moment, I don’t care. All I know is that with the dietary changes recommended by Dr. Brill, and increasing my plant sterol and stanol consumption, my enlarged prostate symptoms have improved significantly. As an added bonus, hopefully my blood cholesterol levels have also dropped.

Eliminating dairy from your diet, and reducing meat consumption may be too much of a sacrifice for some. I don’t mind since I’ve reduced my meat consumption slowly over the years, and I don’t mind drinking soy milk with my oatmeal rather than dairy milk. And, I really enjoy being able to empty my bladder with ease.

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