Aug 222013

You probably thought that the flu vaccine was only good for cutting your chances of getting influenza. But for over 10 years, researchers have known of a link between influenza and heart disease.

According to Mail Online, a new study published in the journal Heart confirms that for middle-aged men, a flu vaccine can cut their risk of a heart attack in half, or about 45%.

It’s not completely understood how a flu vaccine helps your heart health. But one possible explanation, as indicated in an article published on HowStuffWorks, is that the vaccine helps your immune system fight off infections at an early stage. This in turn prevents your body from activating an inflammatory response.

When our arteries become inflamed, our blood may thicken, and blood clots may form. Both of these changes in our circulatory system can lead to a heart attack, especially if our arteries are already narrowed with plague. By preventing the inflammation from occurring, the vaccine helps reduce our chances of getting a heart attack from a viral infection.

So you now have another reason to get your flu vaccine every year. It not only cuts of chances of getting the flu, it also cuts your risk of a heart attack, at least for middle-aged men.

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