Jul 152013

Immunocore of Oxfordshire, England, may have found a new way to cure cancer, according to The Independent. The company has independently signed contracts with Genentech and GlaxoSmithKline to develop cancer treatments based on Immunocore’s unique T-cell therapy.

Most research companies have tried to use antibodies for anti-cancer treatments. However, they’ve had limited success with anti-bodies. Immuncore’s approach is to use T-cells to destroy cancer cells.

The advantage of using T-cells is that they’re high potency killers of bad cells and organisms that don’t belong in your body. But, at the same time, T-cells aren’t very good at recognizing cancer cells as cells to be destroyed. What Immuncore has done is to develop a T-cell receptor that binds to the targeted cancer cell at one end and the T-cell on the other end. By introducing the T-cell to the cancer cell with the manufactured receptor, the T-cell is induced to destroy the cancer cell.

The most promising thing about this new therapy is that the T-cell receptor can be designed to recognize cancer cells while leaving normal healthy cells alone. This is an exciting breakthrough in cancer treatment, since most cancer treatments destroy both cancer and normal healthy cells. By targeting cancer cells specifically, this new treatment is expected to have less side effects than current treatments.

Another positive aspect of this treatment is that it can more successfully target mutating cancer cells than other cancer treatments. Preliminary tests have shown that this new approach to cancer treatment is safe, and it works. This new treatment may be the cancer cure that science has been seeking for many decades.